Gujarat State Disaster Management Policy, 2002

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Gujarat state is prone to disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones, floods, drought, etc. These disasters have over the years caused extensive damage to life and property, in turn adversely impacting the economic development. 
To deal with this, it was felt that a proactive, comprehensive, and sustained approach to disaster management is the need of the hour. As a result, GSDMA formulated a ‘Disaster Management Policy’ for the state of Gujarat in the month of September 2002. This policy was approved by the Cabinet of Gujarat and is already put in force.
The main objectives of the policy are to develop appropriate disaster prevention and mitigation strategies, to provide clarity on the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders concerned with disaster management so that disasters can be managed more effectively and to ensure that arrangements are in place to mobilize the resources for relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction and recovery from disasters.
Soft copy of the Policy can be downloaded in both Gujarati and English from the link shown below:
Gujarat State Disaster Management Policy (English)