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3.1      According to provision of GSDM Act, 2003, the Governing Body of the GSDMA is Apex Body for taking any decision on matters pertaining to GSDMA. All policy matters, administrative and financial decisions are being taken by this Governing Body. Day to day administrative except affairs which are to be decided by the CEO of GSDMA as provided in the Act and the financial decisions are to be taken by the Committee or by an officer to whom the powers are delegated by the Governing Body. Such delegation of powers has been given in details in foregoing Chapter-II. Accordingly, the decisions are being taken in the Authority.
3.2 There is a subcommittee headed by the Chief Secretary and Procurement Committee headed by CEO, GSDMA. Procurement of any material machinery or equipments is decided by the Procurement Committee where the Secretary of the concerned department is a member. There is a provision of obtaining technical sanction and administrative approval from the competent authority before entrusting or executing any work from the funds given by the GSDMA.
3.3 The channel of supervision in GSDMA is as per the details given in para 1.4 of the Chapter I. A chart of supervision channel and the subjects allotted to individuals regarding subordinate staff to support these individuals in performing their functions and duties are given in great details. All the decisions will be in writing except in emergency. For taking any decision the files will be opened at subordinate levels and route through the channel of submission. Decision on file will be as per the delegation of powers to each individual officer. Even in case of the emergency the verbal instructions/ orders of the competent authority will be within the framework of rules and will be followed and implemented by the subordinate/support staff. In such cases the matter will be put up to the competent authority for written confirmation at the earliest. The decision taken in the meeting of more than two members will be minutised at the earliest and will be sent to all concerned. The implementation of any such decision will be approved on file by the appropriate authority after scrutinizing the matter with the provisions of relevant rules and regulations.

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