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The norms set by GSDMA for discharge of its functioning have been discussed at length in the Chapter I, II & III. However, for achieving the objectives of the GSDMA, the following activities have been identified.
1. To undertake social and economic activities for rehabilitation and resettlement of affected people that would include new Housing infrastructure, Economic Rehabilitation, Social rehabilitation and other related Programmes;
2. To prepare programmes and plans to mitigate losses on account of distort as a strategy for long term Disaster Preparedness;
3. To undertake research and study regarding causes for losses on account of natural disasters and to suggest remedial measures for minimizing the same;
4. To obtain funds for rehabilitation and resettlement, and to ensure optimum utilization of these funds obtained in the form of grant, aid assistance or loan from Government of India, World Bank and ADB, USAID, DFID, IFRC, Donors, NGOs, and from financial institutions, public and private trusts or any other organization.
5. To manage Gujarat Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Fund.
6. To act as nodal agency, and to co-ordinate various issues relating to the deserving victims, out of the funds, either directly or through as common fund, created for these purpose in any other feasible mode;
7. To provide or to arrange financial assistance, so as to achieve the object of the GSDMA;
8. To raise money through financial instruments, bonds, deposit or such other manner as may be permissible under the provisions of Societies Registration Act, 1860 and the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950.
9. To develop approach, philosophy, policy guidelines and action plan and other relevant aspects for meeting out disaster of any kind;
10. Management, Administration, Investment and Re-Investment of funds out of sales proceeds received from the sale of land, buildings, equipments, furniture, fixtures, debris or any other thing or article or Infrastructure;
11. To act as a nodal agency and to co-ordinate various issues related to the maintenance of hygienic living conditions, welfare of victims, environmental maintenance and such other welfare measures, as may be assigned to the deserving authority;
12. To undertake management information system.
13. To undertake activities for community participation.
14. To undertake various IEC activities.
15. Imparting training to different stakeholders in disaster management
16. To undertake livelihood programmes after following the disaster
17. To undertake long term disaster mitigation and preparedness programme
18. To undertake social rehabilitation programme
19. To establish Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management Institute
4.2  Staff members of the GSDMA are jointly and severally required to exercise their discretion with reference to the following principles.

(i) The GSDMA may not practice any form of discrimination or preferential treatment in its relations with third parties, be they beneficiaries of GSDMA of goods or services, or persons or institutions involved in any way in the GSDMA's activities or the results of those activities. The GSDMA shall exclusively apply the decision, making the selection procedure described in the present manual.
(ii) Maximum cost-effectiveness, in relation to the general objectives set forth in point no.1.2, Should always be sought in decision making at all levels within the GSDMA and in the practical application of its procedures.
4.3   The GSDMA is required to perform a public service. Its employees are accordingly under an obligation to observe confidentiality, impartiality and discipline similar to that required of civil servants. Employees may not, in the performance or their functions, engage in political or religious propaganda. GSDMA employees are required to observe absolute impartiality. They are expected to accord equal treatment to the users of the public service provided by the GSDMA, namely the beneficiaries and the contractors. GSDMA employees are furthermore required to demonstrate the loyalty to Government demanded of public services concessionaires.

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