Establishment of Smruti Van

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In the devastating Gujarat Earthquake of 26th January, 2001, 13805 people lost their lives. The Earthquake also caused unprecedented damage to property, both public and private. In this respect, it was decided to build a memorial for those who lost their lives during this devastating earthquake. After careful consideration Bhujio Dungar was selected site for establishment of Smriti Van. 
The concept of the memorial is to plant one tree for each of the 13805 earthquake victims in the Smriti Van. GSDMA had hired consultants for preparation of vision plan for the memorial site, activity structure and variations, a Master Plan showing broad allocation of activities, zoning, plantation plan, circulation & pedestrian network and schematic landscape design, preliminary costing on pro-rata basis and phasing of the development of Smriti Van.
GSDMA will develop the Smriti Van memorial and hand over the same to a Society for operation & maintenance purpose. After development, Smriti Van will become the property of the State Government.