Flood & Seismic Vulnerability

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Ahmedabad – Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) is planned to be developed as a large industrial hub having world-class infrastructure for setting up of large industries and relevant business center. The SIR covers approximately 879 sq. km. in administrative area of 23 villages and towns. Flooding is one of the major natural hazards, which can affect the area. Being in delta portion of rivers near Gulf of Cambay, the flood hazard potential is high. 
The region is also prone to earthquake as it is in Seismic Zone III. GSDMA has therefore initiated independent studies to assess the flood and seismic vulnerability and risk assessment of the SIR area. Both the studies will help identify the hazard proneness of the area and will assist the urban planners to plan the development of the region in a scientific manner.
More details about the proposed Dholera SIR, nodal agency for implementing the project and progress made in planning till date can be known through the link shown below:
Important link for further information :
Dholera SIR