Flood Vulnerability Study of four major cities

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A study was initiated by GSDMA to address the flood vulnerability of the major economic centers of Gujarat. The outcome of the study provides a set of recommendations, which would help reduce the flooding risk. The findings will be linked with the existing master plans to give city managers an edge in handling flooding situations (such as cloudburst/ river overflow/ dam burst/ cyclone/ storm surge/ tsunami). The outcome of the study also includes recommendations in structural or non-structural mitigation or preventive measures. 
Such cases shall be provided with detailed engineering solution including alternatives such as storm water drainage, action plan, budget and any other flood prevention measure. The measures would improve urban drainage in all sub-catchments and diking where needed, rezoning in time to reduce flood loss and conversion of high risk areas to parks and parking lots and recommendations for flood proofing of individual houses or businesses run by the private sector. The recommendations also include preparation of computer based flood warning models and a comprehensive flood warning system at the city level.
The study was completed and the final report suggested the framework for setting up of GIDM, the type of infrastructure that is should have to provide both theoretical and practical training, the course modules that the institute should offer and the staff structure that it should have to run the institute efficiently and effectively. GIDM has been established by the State Government on 26th January 2004. The new building of GIDM is also ready near Raisan Village, Gandhinagar and regular training courses are held at the institute. The process of establishing practical training area for providing training to emergency responders is also underway at GIDM.