Gujarat Emergency Medical Services Act, 2007

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During the time of major disasters like earthquake, building collapse, fire etc., the role of emergency medical services is vital. By the time the emergency response teams equipped with search and rescue personnel reach the place, the first hour i.e., the golden hour is critical wherein a lot of lives can be saved if immediate first aid and medical care is available. 
The role of emergency medical services thus becomes important from the view point of disaster management. In order to bring down the death rate across the state due to road accidents/ injuries/during major disasters, and to ensure efficient emergency medical services in the state, a bill titled "Gujarat Emergency Medical Services Bill" was drafted by the Health Department, Government of Gujarat after several national and state level consultations with the experts, stakeholders, hospitals and medical associations, etc.
The salient features of the bill include creation of state-wide emergency medical service network through public and private resources and infrastructure, ensuring the quality of care through provision of training of health care professionals and setting standards for the hospitals and ambulances involved in emergency care.
The emergency medical treatment being also a part of disaster management and looking at the necessity of such legislation to save precious lives during road/traffic accidents, the GSDMA had put up the draft bill before the Governing Body of the GSDMA for approval. After the passage of the Bill by the State Legislative Assembly, the Act is now being implemented by the Health Department.
The soft copy of the Act can be downloaded from the website of Health Department, Government of Gujarat from the link shown below:
The Gujarat Emergency Medical Services Act 2007