Gujarat School Safety Progamme 2016-17

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About Gujarat School Safety Progamme

With the view of building capacities for disaster resilience, Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority conducts various programs at institutional levels. Gujarat School Safety Programme is a capacity building programme which aims at strengthening of the capacity of school community and it further builds a disaster safety culture among the most vulnerable section of the society, that is, children. Under this programme, Gujarat School Safety Week is celebrated for enerating awareness among school children.

In 2015, GSDMA had conducted School Safety Week in 400 schools of Kutch, Jamnagar and Devbhoomi Dwarka districts.  Based on the success of 2015, Gujarat School Safety Programme 2016 was scaled-up to 3150 number of schools. In addition to schools of Kutch, Jamnagar, Devbhoomi Dwarka, schools in Municipal Corporations of Ahemdabad, Vadodara, Surat and Gandhinagar were also included. The vulnerable districts of Gujarat were prioritized based on hazard probability and population density.

267 Master Trainers were from all 7 districts and were trained at state level in GIDM. 67 engineers were trained on various aspects of structural as well as non structural safety in schools at state level. Further various trainings were arranged by these 267 master trainers and they trained 5434 trainers at district level which included 1 principal and 1 teacher from the selected schools. The following steps were taken towards celebration of School Safety Week – 2016


GSDMA develops Information, Education and Communication material for the purpose of dissemination of information among school students and teaching.


Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority has successfully celebrated Gujarat School Safety Week 2017 in all the Government Primary Schools.


As a preparatory activity for School Safety Week 2017, 257 master trainers were trained at state level. 53,206 principals and teachers of all government primary schools were trained for preparation of School Disaster Management Plan of their respective schools and for conducting mock drills in schools.

Approximately 1.4 lacs teachers were trained through BISAG. IEC based on different theme of disaster were distributed in all the government primary schools of Gujarat.

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