Gujarat State Disaster Management Act, 2003

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‘Gujarat State Disaster Management Bill’ was passed in the State Assembly on March 28, 2003 and the Act has come into force from May 13, 2003. Gujarat is the first state in India to have enacted an Act to provide legal and regulatory framework for disaster management. 
The purpose of this Act is to provide for effective management of disasters, for mitigation of effects of disasters, for administering emergency relief during and after occurrence of disasters and for implementing, monitoring and coordinating measures for reconstruction and rehabilitation in the aftermath of disasters.
The Act also lays emphasis on moving from relief to all phases of disaster management i.e. mitigation, relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation by clarifying the roles of principal entities in disaster management.
Soft copy of the Act can be downloaded in both Gujarati and English from the link shown below:
 Gujarat State Disaster Management Act (English)
After the State Government enacted the Disaster Management Act, 2003, the Central Government also enacted the Disaster Management Act, 2005 at the National level which envisaged the creation of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), headed by the Prime Minister, and State Disaster Management Authorities (SDMAs) headed by respective Chief Ministers, to spearhead and implement a holistic and integrated approach to Disaster Management in India.
The Disaster Management Act, 2005 can be referred / downloaded from the link shown below:
National Disaster Management Act-2005