Hospital Saftey

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Hospitals are critical infrastructures at the time of disasters that play an important role in saving lives of people and sustaining health through effective public health interventions. But if hospitals themselves become victims of disaster, they magnify the impact of disaster by taking away life saving support of community. 
Taking into consideration this significance of hospitals, a Hospital Safety project is initiated. It aims at making the hospitals structurally and non-structurally safe as well as initiating activities in building capacities of the healthcare personnel for managing uncertain events. The project intervention and implementation strategies are in planning phase.
To proceed further with the effort to enhance the preparedness of such critical infrastructure, GSDMA has re-initiated the Hospital Safety project which involves assistance to various hospitals in preparing DM plans and testing them through Mock Drill exercises. This process involves assessment of vulnerabilities of Hospital, training of Hospital Staff, ensuring functioning of Fire Safety installation in the Hospital. Recently, GSDMA has conducted a mock drill in Civil Hospital, Gandhinagar in December 2015 and in Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad in May 2016.
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