Taluka Emergency Operation Center (TEOCs)

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Gujarat State Disaster Response and Communications Technology Systems (GSDR-ICTS) architecture is designed to operate on a reliable communication network backbone that will be operational on 24*7 basis.
The proposed communication network is expected to facilitate effective disaster response by maintaining continuous communication between the Emergency Operations Centers (“EOC”) at state, district (“DEOC”), taluka (“TEOC”), Emergency Response Centers (“ERC”) and command centers specifically set-up at disaster sites using specially designed Emergency Response Vehicles (“ERC”) or portable emergency communication systems.
The network will be used for information management (data, video and voice communications) and to support incident and information management systems during all stages of disaster management. The process of land / room identification in various government buildings in the talukas for TEOCs is ongoing. The architect has also been appointed for preparation of designs of TEOCs wherever a new building needs to be constructed.
The construction of TEOCs shall be done through R&B, which has been identified as the implementing agency.